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Pets are wonderful to have around the house and your dog may be as excited as you waiting for the new arrival. Certain steps have to be taken to safeguard your baby from uncontrolled affection of your pet.
  1.  Pets can spread disease specially if they lick or sniff your baby.
  2.  If you have a dog, ensure that you disinfest him for FLEAS, just before your due date as afterwards for about a month you or for that matter no one will have time.
  3. If your pet scratches a lot or if any of the family has a skin problem, that your doctor thinks is due to an animal; let your vet attend to that and rectify before you deliver.
  4. All animals, including birds, dogs, cats, rabbit carry germs or worms of one kind or another. Do not let them lick your child's face.
  5. Deworm your dog or cat frequently and ensure that they do not defecate near your new born.
  6. If handling your pet's faeces, be scrupulous about washing your hands thoroughly and the contaminated area with disinfectant.
  7. If your pet has a habit of licking your plate, he may lick the baby's bottle or katori.
  8. A new pet should be seen by a vet for a thorough physical examination and necessary vaccination. Vets should also ensure that a pet is as healthy as possible and not a threat to the family.

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