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Safety is one feature that you must think before your baby is born. In first few months of life or till your darling can not turn or crawl, this will be confined to

- carrying the child
- safety in the cradle &
- safety in the car
  1. Carrying the child - We know that you and your family will be careful but every child of neighborhood wants to carry your newborn. Some small kids may not be able to handle the child and normally get startled, if child urinates on them and may even drop the child. Even other than physical danger, it is advisable that too many people do not carry your newborn, for fear of transmitting common ailments.
  2. Your child's cradle, supposedly his haven can turn out to be quite unsafe. Refrain from using pillows in the cradle, it can choke your child. Most of us use cradles borrowed from friends, ensure that there are no jutting parts that can injure your child. If it is to be painted, do it much before the delivery as the smell of fresh paint may produce allergic reaction in your child.
  3. Lots of fancy gadgets are available for carrying young children in the car. If carrying a carry-cot in the car, always secure it with properly anchored straps. If you are holding your child in your lap, NEVER sit in the front seat as in event of sudden braking it becomes difficult to prevent injury to the child. Never leave a child in a closed car especially in the summer-it can get very hot.

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