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Washing your baby's clothes in the washing machine

With washing machine becoming more of a necessity than luxury more and more of women are using them for washing the child's clothes. The sequence has been suggested by one of our registered mothers - Mrs Sapna Advani to which our paediatrician Dr Nainesh Parikh has added another gem.

a. Pre-soak the nappies in the bleach-added water for 15-20 mins
b. Rinse the clothes using plain hot water
c. Wash the clothes in the washing machine as per the regular wash cycle

A common problem associated with using the machine is residual detergent that causes Diaper rash. Extra care MUST be taken to ensure that all the chemical has been washed away. Add 1 cup of vinegar when it is half-full of rinse water. This neutralizes detergent residue.

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