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Guidelines - Obesity

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Proves the dictum that for most mothers an overweight child is just a healthy child. A mother always feels that the child hardly eats. They overlook the fact that he is outgrowing his clothes with a lightening speed. By the time they accept that their healthy (cho chweet) baby is really overweight/obese it is too late and needs drastic control which the pampered child is not willing to obey.

A very small percentage of mothers do realize the potential problems an overweight child will face in later life and are willing to discuss the problems and discipline the child.

  • A large majority is due to overeating, the child eating more than he needs, leading to an imbalance between intake and output. Most fat children have developed the sweet eating habit and eat potato wafers, icecreams, chocolates etc very commonly. Most mothers argue that the child is so big and needs a lot to fill him and they are generally proud of his marvelous appetite.
  • There are often important emotional factors like sibling rivalry that lead to overeating.
  • Obesity may develop because of inactivity, an important factor with today's addiction of television, video games and the Internet.
  • If your child is more than 25 % of his expected weight, it is time to seek an opinion and act accordingly

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