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Following are the transcripts of the chat with Dr. C.H.Asrani held on
July 10, 2001 at 1630 hrs IST.

Dr C H Asrani Hi Shilpi
Shilpi I HAVE a family history of asthma
Shilpi Now my child has also started showing signs of wheezing, can I start homoepathy
Shilpi Will it cure him totally
Dr C H Asrani Yes you may
Dr C H Asrani But the follow up should be with a allopath who has special interset in asthma
Shilpi Can homoeopathy remove the disease from its roots
Dr C H Asrani You see the treatment is not only enough but ensuring that it is controlled is very important
Dr C H Asrani It may be able to restrict it without letting it become a bother
Dr C H Asrani Hi Dhvani
Dhvani Doctor, my 4 year old daughter seems to be very confused of lately,
Dhvani First she used to remember her poems by heart but now gets stuck up too often
Dr C H Asrani Any particular reason you can think of?
Dhvani No everythings being going normally
Dhvani Also when I tell her to go to the hall shes gets into the kitchen , I'm very worried
Dr C H Asrani You have to understand what is disturbing her
Dr C H Asrani She is stressed
Dr C H Asrani Please find out why?
Dhvani Not anything I can think of I even consulted my family doctor, but he cannot diagnoise what it is
Dhvani But he has a doubt about Reyes syndrome
Dr C H Asrani This is altered behavior after normal behavior. There has to be a psychological cause
Dr C H Asrani Why Reye's? That normally will give liver problems and have you given Aspirin?
Dhvani I just read about it on your site, its a very dreadful disease, how can i know for sure that my daughter doesn’t have it
Dhvani No I haven’t given aspirin
Dhvani He says because she’s confused and lethargic and has just had chicken pox
Dr C H Asrani Reye's will come when a child is given aspirin during a viral fever, she does not have it. Relax
Dr C H Asrani If all these are present with altered behavior. look for a cause but it is not Reye's
Dhvani Thank god! THANK U DOCTOR I never really believed this family doctor
Dhvani How do I go about it
Dhvani I think I"ll have to find a better family doctor
Dr C H Asrani Please stop all medicines. give good diet, do not show too much panic and report next week
Shanin Doctor, my son has itching on the skin of his elbows and knees
Shanin It started when he was 8 months old but subsided, now he's 3 yrs and it seems to have begun again
Dr C H Asrani Shanin it must be allergy of some type. Most likely to be food
Shanin I used powders creams but in vain, now he's getting small blisters on his skin
Dr C H Asrani Pl check whether you have started some new food item?
Dr C H Asrani Please do NOT self treat. Contact either your family doctor or a skin specialist
Shanin Could the blisters be coz of itching
Dr C H Asrani Yes they most certainly are
Dr C H Asrani Yes that is what I suggested

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