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Following are the transcripts of the chat with Dr. C.H.Asrani held on
June 12, 2001 at 1630 hrs IST.

Dr C H Asrani Hello Shirin
Shirin Syed Hello, my son has been having eye pain sincce the last two days, but when we checked out his number was the same
Shirin Syed What could it be?
Dr C H Asrani Eye pain is not likely to be due to eye number
Dr C H Asrani Look for a local cause or a sinus pain can also refer to eye
Dr C H Asrani Hello babita
Babita Hello doctor, I recently went to visit my friend and could not help notice that her 3 month baby was crying too much
Dr C H Asrani 3 month old babies will cry. But if too much the cause has to be found
Babita When I asked her about it she said there's something weird the child cries in the afternoon or evening uncontrollbly, is there some reason to worry or is it natural
Dr C H Asrani It could be anything from hunger to cold
Dr C H Asrani Boy or Girl?
Babita Boy
Babita But it isn't recent she says it atarted about a month ago
Dr C H Asrani Itcould be phimosis or balanitis
Dr C H Asrani That is inflamation of the tip of penis
Dr C H Asrani A good Family Physicians should be able to diagnose
Dr C H Asrani There has to be a cause. No child will cry for no reason
Babita But why does the child cry only at a particular time like evening or afternoon
Dr C H Asrani It may be at that time about to pass urine and/or hungry
Dr C H Asrani Babita if there is a pattern, there HAS to be a cause for it.
Dr C H Asrani Pester her doctor till he diagnoses
Babita I'll telll her to go meet a family physician as soon as possible, thanks a lot for the advice
Dr C H Asrani Hello gayatri
Gayatri Hello doctor, my child has some sort of allergy
Dr C H Asrani What sort of allergy? Skin, nose or what?
Gayatri Whenever she gets into a place of some temperature difference she atarts snnezing, is this curable
Dr C H Asrani U mean from AC to Non AC?
Gayatri Yes AC to Non AC
Dr C H Asrani If it is so, yes it can be treated
Dr C H Asrani Contact UR doctor and he may give her some long term aniti histaminics
Dr C H Asrani Hi Shivani
Shivani Doctor, my 4 yr 3 month daughter has a craving for mud
Shivani how do I make her get rid of it?
Dr C H Asrani She is mostly suffering from Iron deficiency . Confirm and treat with Iron and calcium
Dr C H Asrani Read about PICA at growingwell
Shivani Is it a dangerous disease
Dr C H Asrani It s a medical term for eating mud
Dr C H Asrani Pica is not a disease
Dr C H Asrani Relax
Rati Doctor, my 9 yr old daughter has iron deficiency anemia, but recently her reports are showing better results, I’m concerned whether this is a lifelong disorder or it is cured once and for all and does not reoccur?
Dr C H Asrani R u new around here, have not seen u around before
Rati Yes I’m new just started using the net, and I’m glad I did
Dr C H Asrani How can we guarantee you that it will never come back if you do not promise that you will always give her a balanced diet
Dr C H Asrani It is not a disorder but a deficiency as you have correctly mentioned
Rati But she had a balanced diet before too
Dr C H Asrani U have to give a balanced diet with items rich in iron like leafy vergetable, beet roots and salads
Dr C H Asrani Pl read our article on BALANCED DIET & Iron def anemia
Rati Any foods you can suggest to be given daily
Dr C H Asrani Leafy veg at least 2/ week and milk and fruits daily
Anandita Hello doctor, my child has recently been bitten by a stray dog, he has been given the 14 injections, is there any other precaution I should take?
Dr C H Asrani Nowadays no one gives 14 injections we have sophisticated vaccines of which only 5 are required & that too on the arm and not on the abdomen. Dr C H Asrani: Do not worry. 14 injections are enough
Dr C H Asrani We have a write-up on Dog Bite on our site

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