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Following are the transcripts of the chat with Dr. C.H.Asrani held on
July 17, 2001 at 1630 hrs IST.

Dr C H Asrani Hello Erica
Erica My son has lost 3 of his teeth in a matter of just one month
Erica He's 5 yrs 6 months
Dr C H Asrani That is OK. The age of milk teeth to fall
Erica Should I take him to a dentist
Erica But 3 in a month
Dr C H Asrani No need, if he does not have cavities
Erica Also one more thing doctor, I think my son is underweight, he’s only 16 kgs
Dr C H Asrani Dear Erica, if he is active, please do not worry. Weight will come later Just give him a balanced diet
Erica He is active but gets tired very fast
Erica I give him a very balanced diet
Dr C H Asrani Give more of fruits
Dr C H Asrani Hello payal
Payal Doctor, my son has a very bad habit of thumb sucking, we've tried everything but e just doesnt give up
Dr C H Asrani For a change try talking to him as if he is an elder person and explain why it is bad. Also try finding any cause of any insecurity that he may be feeling
Payal I’ve heard there’s something to be put on the finger
Payal Some kind of ointment
Payal Does it work?
Dr C H Asrani Thumb sucking generally has a feeling of insecurity in the background
Dr C H Asrani Those things are not recommended
Reshma Doctor, my daughter has terrible stomach ache whenever she gets her periods, what can I give her?
Dr C H Asrani Other than appropriate pain killers no other medicines
Reshma Will this continue as long as she menstruates
Dr C H Asrani May settle down after marriage or child birth
Reshma But is it alright to give medicines for that long
Dr C H Asrani Yes, since they are taken intermittently
Reshma Can u suggest the names of any medicines
Reshma I’ve been giving her meftal spas , is there anything better
Dr C H Asrani No we do not give medicine names on this site. U must ask your family doctor

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