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Following are the transcripts of the chat with Dr. C.H.Asrani held on
June 19, 2001 at 1630 hrs IST.

Dr C H Asrani Hello Sharmila ji
Sharmila Thakur She is dark, but I want her to stop feeling that she is inferior to someone just because of her colour
Dr C H Asrani We have a lot on our site about parental role in behavior of children please go thru that
Dr C H Asrani She should be given examples of people who are liked by all in spite of their less attractive attributes
Dr C H Asrani Mrs Thakur, I am sure one of both of you (U & ur husband) must be dark
Dr C H Asrani Show her how you are liked. Only by examples will she learn not to feel inferior
Dr C H Asrani Whenever she does a good task tell her that now her color is not significant but her deeds are
Dr C H Asrani Hi Kinnari
Kinnari Hi doctor, my 13 year old son seems to be obese, is it right to make him join a gym at this age
Dr C H Asrani Yes Kinnari Any age is the right age for looking after overweight
Kinnari There is no history of obesity in the family, how come he is obese
Dr C H Asrani Now begin controlling it
Dr C H Asrani Kinnari if there is NO history of obesity in family then you have been over feeding him
Kinnari No he eats normal food, do u think I should get him to see a doctor
Dr C H Asrani Kinari control ALL in between snacks like wafers etc
Dr C H Asrani If he really does not eat more please see a doctor
Reshma My child doesn’t have regular toilet habits
Reshma He is 2 years old now
Dr C H Asrani U mean he is constipated or is not regular?
Reshma I think he is constipated
Reshma he seems also not to eat properly
Dr C H Asrani Reshma, All mothers feel that their child is not eating well
Dr C H Asrani A child may get 4-5 stools daily or may not get one for 4/5 days
Dr C H Asrani & both will be taken as normal. What is important is the discomfort the child fels
Reshma But then wont that be a problem at a later stage?
Dr C H Asrani No Reshma It wont be problem
Dr C H Asrani STOP forcing him to eat (I am sure you do) and then see he will start eating and his bowels also will regularize
Reshma Thank you. one more thing
Dr C H Asrani Well tell me
Dr C H Asrani Yes Reshma U wanted to ask something more
Reshma Well there is a friend of mine and he is very smart compared to his age. I feel. at the age of 4� years , he know lots of things
Dr C H Asrani Yes so what Reshma
Reshma Do you think we should be training/growing our child in a particular way to achieve this
Dr C H Asrani Reshma Every child is different. What is needed is to give him a healthy peaceful environment and NOT to force about anything

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