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Following are the transcripts of the chat with Dr. C.H.Asrani held on
July 24, 2001 at 1630 hrs IST.

Dwiti My child is very much into sports, what food can i give him just before an event
Dwiti I mean can I give him proper meals
Dr C H Asrani Give him electrolytes and after the sports proteins and glucose with elctrolytes
Dwiti Dal, roti
Dr C H Asrani Yes you can
Dr C H Asrani Hello Mrs Katara
Mrs Katara Doctor, I have a family history of breast cancer, my daughter 13 yrs 3 months has just started menstruating, when should I start taking her for mammography
Mrs Katara Can she get cancer at this age
Dr C H Asrani Please NO! Not till she is 20. Teach her Self Breast Examination to be done monthly
Dr C H Asrani Anyone can get any cancer at any age 
Shenaz Hello doctor Asrani, my child is having an upset stomach on and off too frequently, should I get any test done
Dr C H Asrani Aadab Shenaz
Shenaz Aadab Doctorsab
Dr C H Asrani Pl get stool test done and loo for amebiasis & giardiasis

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