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Following are the transcripts of the chat with Dr. C.H.Asrani held on
June 26, 2001 at 1630 hrs IST.

Dr C H Asrani Hi Sara
Sara My new born has rash on cheeks
Dr C H Asrani How old?
Dr C H Asrani You have not told me about age and diet?
Sara oh sorry, he's about 4� weeks
Dr C H Asrani & what diet besides breast milk?
Sara Could it be due to many people picking him and kissing him
Dr C H Asrani Not likely. Unless some one actually had similar rash and rubbed on his cheek
Dr C H Asrani Very commonly it could be milk rash
Sara Should I use some cream
Dr C H Asrani Do not aply any medicinal cream. You may apply some cold cream or rash cream
Dr C H Asrani If U are giving top milk try stopping that for a few days
Dr C H Asrani Hello Rajni Hello Naina
Naina My child has severe dehydration problem
Dr C H Asrani Yes Naina. All over bad connexions
Naina What should I give them to eat
Dr C H Asrani Rajni If you discipline your problem will be solved
Dr C H Asrani Give curds. Give lime juice but give lot of water
Dr C H Asrani Naina. U must keep in mind that in such a case the input of water should be more than that has been passed out
Naina How many days willl this last
Dr C H Asrani With proper medicines it may take 4-5 days but U must avoid dehydration
Ragi My child gets cold as soon as the air conditioners is put on
Dr C H Asrani How long does it last?
Ragi For about as long as the AC is on and another 10-20 minutes
Dr C H Asrani Does it happen with other exposure to cold items?
Ragi Never noticed that
Dr C H Asrani Check whether he is anemis? Do U have family history of such problems or bronchitis?
Ragi No but his grandfather does suffer from asthma problem
Ragi Should I put him on homeopathy
Dr C H Asrani This child is allergic child. A course of anti allergic medicines for 2-3 mths will get rid of the problem
Dr C H Asrani Ask your family DR for the medicines
Dr C H Asrani Ya then treat with anti allergic and he will be fine
Ragi How can I verify is he is anemis
Dr C H Asrani Get him examined and your doctor suspects a CBC can be done. I feel he may both the problems that is allergy and anemia

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