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Support Group

A Support Group is usually formed to help parents cope with day-to-day problems of a chronic disabling disease or complication of one. A support group is essentially managed by another parent who has been exposed to some such condition and has had first hand experience of difficulties faced and solutions thereof, eg in a mentally retarded child, a child with dyslexia or for that matter any problem where general awareness is lacking and general measures are much more important than specific medical treatment.

We at will be starting such support groups. You are free to put up your problems or give tips from your own experience.

Any one of you willing to start one may please send in the details. We have two to begin with -

  1. Mrs.Hema GaneshFor Cerebral Palsy (Spastic child) will be managed by Mrs.Hema Ganesh. Hema is support group Spastic child.
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  2. Benign Hypotonia managed by Dr Minish Jain
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  3. Mothers with Twins - Ms Shabina Welde will counsel mothers on problems pertaining to Breast feeding, Sleep problems in addition to Bringing up Twins.
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