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Behavioural Problems

The stresses of today's rat race are also evident in children. What we term as bad behaviour is just a reaction to stressors in the environment. Behaviour is the way we react. Behaviour also means conduct - that is, how a person’s actions fit society’s idea of right and wrong. Behaviour grows ! Behaviour has patterns and shape like the physical structure. Just as the body grows in a reasonably patterned manner, so also does the behaviour.

Like the physical growth, behaviour too is strongly influenced by home and other surroundings in which the child grows up. The strongest and the longest environment to affect the child are the parents. Most parents consider it their responsibility as well the privilege to provide the best possible (physical) environment conducive to child’s physical growth. But they do not pay equal attention to emotional growth. It should be ditto for behaviour growth too!

Your child's Emotional Needs
Parental role in Behaviour modification
Common Behaviour Problems

Most of the altered behaviour patterns are seen due to unfounded Fear

Two of the common problems faced are:
Bed Wetting
Thumb Sucking

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