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Parent's Resolution on Children's Day

Parent’s Resolution on Children’s Day

Dear Parents

On this children’s day, promise the following to your child. We know you love your child and will do the BEST for him/her, but it helps to remember that you promised.

My dearest ___________

I invoke all Gods & Goddesses and promise that according to my ability and judgement I shall keep this promise and stipulations therein –

  1. I shall nurture you like a delicate flower till you blossom and are ready to be independent.
  2. At the same time, I shall neither Overprotect nor Dominate you as it would lead to inadequacy and lack of initiative in you.
  3. I shall invest sensibly so that I have enough funds to ensure your education.
  4. Even if I can afford, I will not be overindulgent, as it will make you selfish, demanding, and unable to tolerate frustration.
  5. I shall respect your choice of a career and will not impose my ideas, just because it is the in thing
  6. I shall not burden you with my unrealistic ambitions, as inevitable failure in them, will lead to frustration and self-devaluation. In short, my dearest I shall NOT push you to excel.
  7. You are MINE and I promise to NEVER compare you with someone else's or condemn you.
  8. Knowing that faulty parental models give a child socially undesirable value attitudes, I shall strive hard to provide an ideal role model.
  9. Knowing that for you, quantum of time matters more than the ambience you spend it in. I shall spend good time with you without overplaying the quality time bit! I know you need it then and not whenever.
  10. In addition to being a parent, I will also be your friend. But parent first as being a parent means setting limits and making rules.
  11. I shall protect you from the available junk (both in food & electronic media) and do my best to provide nutritious fare for your all round growth.


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Ps - compiled by Dr C H Asrani - CEO -
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