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Tips for Travellers


Getting ready for your trip – what all to carry?

  1. Clothes :
    • Carry for your child only cotton undergarments, socks and clothing as they can absorb perspiration and thus prevent prickly heat or fungal infection in the body folds. Avoid tight fitting undergarments, outer clothing and belts.
    • If heading for a hill station, carry proper clothing.
    • Carry enough change of clothes for your child especially if toilet training still on!
  2. Medicines :
    • Are you entering an endemic zone? If yes - Find out about the conditions at your new destination like any local disease requiring immunization or preventive drugs & seek guidance from your doctor. e.g. People entering Surat should ideally take preventive medicine for Malaria. People should ideally take Typhoid vaccine before traveling to pilgrimages or religious places where appropriate sanitation and hygiene is not expected.
    • Are you missing a scheduled vaccine? Action? Talk to your Family Doctor.
    • Make your doctor either prepare a kit for you or give you a prescription, detailing when to take what?
      (For diarrhea, motion sickness, upset stomach, cough and cold, pain relievers, decongestants and anti allergics. Nasal drops if going to hill station. Many a parents had to cut short their trip, as the child would get a severe nasal blockage. Vaseline.)
    • Enough refill of any prescription medicine you or your child is taking.
    • Always carry your doctor’s telephone number, both, of clinic and residence so that you can contact him if need be.
    • If your child is suffering from any chronic illness or undergoing a specific treatment, always carry along his history papers, as these will be helpful in case he needs medical attention.
    • Remember - Never take medicines offered by fellow travelers, as your child may be allergic to them.
    • A makeshift 1st aid box.
  3. On your trip – what care to take about food?
    • To avoid vomiting, diarrhea and dysentery: water and milk should be properly boiled before using. Beware of water you may use for even gargling or cleaning teeth. Alternatively, use only mineral water of reputed company. Mind you all mineral waters do not guarantee purity. While taking drinks, ice-cubes should be avoided, as the source of water is always questionable.
    • Foods, sold by street vendors or displayed outside the shops should be avoided.
    • Avoid taking large meals during traveling.
    • Since traveling by air at high altitude produces increased urination, proper fluid intake should be maintained. If your child gets colds frequently or has a cold while flying, give him a candy to suck on during the descent. This will prevent negative pressure building up and ear infection
  4. Acquaint yourself with
  5. – Is with you wherever you are! If you need any help from us, just mention that you are travelling when asking a question and we shall try to reply within a few hours.

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