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Some gems picked up from questions put to our panel

We are proud to tell you that our turn around time in most Qs is 6- 24 hours. We shall try to maintain it.

To : Dietician & Nutritionist, Ms. Meenal Sharma

What is a good diet to go if you have high blood pressure?
Dear Vera

Those with high BP, should take restricted salt and high calorie items like pastries, deep fried items. Those with high Cholesterol should reduce intake of red meat also. In addition they should also burn the calories by regular exercise like brisk walking. There is NO NEED to be very rigid about salt etc and no need to stop salt completely.

Meenal Sharma

From: Jaya Rangarajan
To : K N Shah

I am Silvia, I have severe asthma for the past 10 years and last years I
had a girl child she is one year old now and she also got the same
problem. I am working in banglore. Please give me advice, what step should I take. 

With regards
Dear Silvia

Do not despair. Today there are many good medicines for Asthma. Show
your daughter to a good pediatrician and follow his treatment RELIGIOUSLY. Children who start the problem early generally outgrow the problem by the time they are 10-12 yr old. Good control on diet also is very important.

Dr K N Shah

From: Sakshi Jain
To : Peadiatrician, Dr. Ravindra Chittal

My baby is 3 months old. I had started dal ka pani for the past 3 days
since then he had not passed stool. i want to know whether he is
suffering from any problem or its common in children? What should i give him so that he passes stool?
Dear Sakshi

Dal ka pani can not give constipation. Is the child uncomfortable? If NOT, then do not give anything. If YES - suppository is the best. Ask your family doctor to give you a prescription.

Dr Ravindra Chittal

From: Ms. Singh
Dr Coelho

I am 8 wks pregnant. Is there any way of medical abortion?

Ms Singh
Dear Ms Singh

There is NO medical way of Abortion. If you have decided on it get an Medical Termination of Pregnancy done.

Dr Kiran Coelho

Dr Coelho

I just visited another DR. She has adviced in turn a medicine -"gyno cerid" (unable to read properly,as usual docters writing!!, ) SIMMILAR TO IT. adviced 02 tabs. at night.which will abort .PLS ADVICER AS I AM IN COMBODIA 

Ms Singh
Dear Ms Singh

Well what I was saying was applicable to India. Overseas these are available. You may take that

Dr Kiran Coelho

From: Andrea Smith
To : Peadiatrician, Dr. Ravindra Chittal

My infant has Thrush. The doctor prescribed oral nyestatin for him and
cream for me. Is it safe to breastfeed my son with the cream on my
nipples and also I have a rash on my arms and legs that the doctor told
me was just a heat rash from breastfeeding, could it be caused from the
thrush instead. Is there anything I should be doing for it. Thank you.
Dear Andrea

Thrush can not occur on skin, it occurs only on mucous membrane like inside of mouth, inside of vagina etc. You can breastfeed with the cream on, only wipe once with wet cloth and reapply after feeding this is just to avoid large quantities going in. Rash on arms and legs has nothing to do with thrush.
I am once again sorry for the delay.

Dr Ravindra Chittal

To : Peadiatrician, Dr. Ravindra Chittal

a) my son is 2 weeks short of 2 years. can i send him to play school ?
b) my son habitually sucks his thumb. what should we do about it ?
c) my son bottle feeds thrice a day. i am worried that if i try to break
this habit he might not drink his milk. what should we do ?
Dear Surela

a) Yes he can be sent to play school
b) Read more about thumb sucking. Do not try forcefully to stop the habit; be gentle and try explaining to him
c) You have to be rigid about NOT giving bottle now. It can have multiple problems to the teeth, like caries. If he does not take milk then he will eat. After all no one can tolerate hunger. You should have taught him drinking from a cup when he was 8-9 mths. It is still not too late.

Dr Chittal

From: Deepa Bhartia
To : K_N_Shah

What are BCG, DPT, MMR vaccinations given for? Please specify for each.
Dear Deepa

I think you have not visited the site. There is a lot of information on the site about Vaccination including a home page for your child where you can keep a track of all vaccines given. Click here to read more about it.

Dr K N Shah

From: Sakshi Jain
To : K_N_Shah

my baby is 3 months old. at birth his weight was 2.5kg and now he is he underweight.if yes then what should i there any thing
to worry.he was on milk dut since last ten days i have started dal ka
pani would now he will starte gaining weight.reply soon as i am very
worried about it.
Dear Sakshi

Yes he is slightly underweight but is she active? Also weight of a child depends on parents weight too. If she is active do not worry too much and concentrate on giving good weaning foods. To know  that, click here.

Dr K N Shah