Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)


What is Fever?

Normal body temperature is 97� F to 99� F, average being 98.4. When it rises above this – it is called Fever.

What causes Fever?

Any infection, be it viral or bacterial can cause fever. Various systemic diseases like Malaria also cause fever. Even cancer and exposure to sun can cause fever.

Is Fever dangerous?

No. Fever as such does not give any problems, expect when it causes convulsions.

Why should fever cause convulsions?

Hypothalamus- a part of the brain- has a centre to regulate body temperature. This centre is not fully developed in children, therefore when temperature goes beyond a certain level or rises suddenly, this centre goes awry and a convulsion results. Children who have had a convulsion once are prone to get it again with high fever, at least till they are five years old.

How should fever be treated?

Fever is just an indication of body fighting the invading, the treatment is to be directed at the cause of fever. Your doctor will provide some antipyretics to bring down fever.

Taking your child’s temperature?

Use a thermometer to take your child’s temperature. Record the reading on the temperature chart. Recording your child’s temperature preferably every hour will help both you and your doctor, to monitor your child and assess his condition and effect of treatment.

Giving your child medicine

Your doctor may prescribe some medicine to help bring down the temperature. Use the medicine exactly according to your doctor’s instructions. Having your child’s favourite cup handy will definitely help the medicine go down more easily.

How do I sponge my child?

Total body sponging of your child with fever will help bring the temperature down. Keep a bowl of lukewarm water by the bedside & use it to “tepid sponge” the face and body. Take a small napkin, soak it and place it on his head. Wipe the entire body front and back and you will see your child’s body heat help evaporate this water. This will help to make your child cooler, comfortable and less irritable.

My child does not take proper feeds and vomits if I force-feed him. How much of fluids should I provide him when he has fever?

When your child is feverish, extra fluid intake is very important. Frequent fluids eg. water, soups, juices etc. will help to combat the fluid loss caused by high temperature. A drink and a cuddle at the same time will help to reassure and comfort the sick child.
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