In this section, you are invited to ask questions to our team of doctors, dietitians led by Dr.CH Asrani and they’ll be glad to answer them within 24 hours. We do not give prescriptions and the answers are not replacing a medical consultation.

Your Doctor knows the best!

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Today we revive our commitment to help parents by launching a FREE, service on WhatsApp.


    • This service is currently for parents of children in age bracket 0-5 yr.
    • We shall explain things to you in the language you understand (currently Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Kannada are being supported by the team).
    • As the name suggests this is ONLY a support service.
    • We shall NEVER comment on the treatment being given as your doctor knows the best.
    • We shall NEVER issue a prescription.
    • You have to give a maximum of 24 hours for response.
    • We shall not advise on change of doctor/ change of hospital.
    • We shall not view reports (no attachments permitted).
    • Any posting of Good morning or other messages/ forwards will lead to blocking of the individual.


    • Interested person posts a Q (in text; currently in Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati).
    • The reply will be an audio file from the team of doctors at GrowingWell.
    • In some questions a link may be shared (from content from our group portals; created by the team).
    • An image may also be shared explaining the query.

    Please send message on this WhatsApp number to ask a question :
    +91 70458 14881