Basic Emotional Needs

Emotinal Security:

Emotional Security in the form of parental love is one of the most vital needs of a child. Child needs confidence in his parents and his home are a dependable refuge in times of adversity.

Recognition and Appreciation:

Like adults, children need their accomplishments to be applauded and recognized. Parents must display interest in child’s activities, when parents see nothing but shortcomings in the child, he is likely to be unhappy, oversensitive and non communicative.


The parents should encourage need for independence and allow the child to fight his own battles. Parents should encourage decision making process and the implementation of it.


Harmonious life is not possible without some authority, order and limitation. Discipline and authority should be understanding, reasonable and just. Difference of opinion between parents and between grandparents need to be sorted out.

Play activity

It is through play that child grows physically, emotionally and socially. The child works out his emotions through play. Child develops frustration tolerance by accepting defeat