Toilet Training

All normal children toilet train themselves.The difficulty however lies in you, parents eagerly waiting for this to happen.You should realize that you can only help the child achieve this goal and you are not actually training the child.There is no earthly way for you to keep your child from becoming toilet trained, but unfortunately all sorts of things you do, does delay the process.


  1. Children begin to train themselves between 2-3 years of age. Children who voice their displeasure with a full diaper and are interested in watching others in the bathroom are usually ready to begin training.
  2. Bowel control is much simpler for a child to master than control of urination because it involves much less complicated muscle coordination and occurs far fewer times during the day. It might help to put the child on the potty or toilet just after a meal or a predetermined time.
  3. Urine training should begin when the frequency of urination decreases and the child begin to awaken dry after a nap, usually around 2.5-3 years.
  4. Any child who has been toilet trained and then develops urinary or fecal incontinence should be evaluated for some emotional or psychological problem.

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