Cancer Patients Aid Association is a registered Non-Government Organization established in 1969 and has been in the field of aid dispersal – medicines and monetary, guidance, counseling and information, free ambulance service – a mission with the purpose of total management philosophy to help the cancer patient and their children face the extremely expensive treatment, its traumas and regeneration. Besides this,as prevention is better than cure we hold diagnostic camps to help avert a life with cancer. As also Cancer Insurance Policy was started to further alleviate any suffering a healthy person may undergo on detection of cancer inspite of regular check-ups and diagnosis. And the Rehab center giver jobs to outstation patients/relatives.
In all this it is the innumerable increase in children with cancer that need special care and special projects.

  1. Medicine Bank
    Once the children are referred to us, we register the case and make a commitment of extending medical aid on a monthly basis for the full duration of the treatment. The approximate amount we spend on our medicines for pediatric patients is 3-4 lacs per month.
  2. Prosthesis
    There are atleast five children referred to us every month for costly Total Knee prosthesis, which is costing Rs.75,000. (Indian – three years) and Rs.4,00,000/- (Imported – life long). An additional amount of Rs.1lakh is spent on different types of artificial limbs and prosthesis for patients suffering from soft tissue sarcomas due to which they become handicapped for life.
  3. Food Bank
    We have started a ‘Food Bank’ where nutritious and balanced food items are distributed to the needy cancer patients in our Rehabilitation Centre such as milk, sugar, Complan/Bournvita/Horlicks, rice, Dal, Chana, oil etc.
  4. Adopt a cancer patient scheme
    This is made for children wherein a donor on making an annual donation of Rs.40,000/-, ‘adopts’ a patient f his choice. The donor is then given full details pertaining to the patient’s medical history as well as family background. A photograph is also given to the donor and if he/she so desires, a meeting is arranged. Quarterly reports of the patient’s progress are sent to the donor. If at the end of the year the patient still continues to be on treatment and is doing well, the donor is requested to extend full support for the 2nd year as well. This is a very personalised help scheme which gives the donor full satisfaction of being responsible for the patients progress.
  5. Toy banks & Video Cassettes Player
    This is a scheme wherein a donor can donate any type of toys for our children as all children from B.M.C. Hospital are generally deserving people who cannot afford any toys as they require them to vent their frustration in form of play. CPAA’s social worker generally visits B.J. Wadia Children Hospital, KEM Hospital, LTMG Hospital, Nair Hospital etc. either to distribute toys or entertain them through film shows.
  6. Playgroups at the Dharamshalas
    As most outstation patients ar residentat any one Dharamshala – Gadge Baba, Ernest Borges Home, Nana Palkar ec. – on weekly, quaterly visits children are entertained – toys, film shows, kite flying etc. During festivals they are encouraged to put up plays – Ramila, Independence Dya, Holi, Diwali, Christmas etc.
  7. Annual Picnic
    A special whole day picnic FUNDAY is arranged for one and all at Fantasy Lang, Goregaon. It is the day when more than two hundred children and their parents enjoy a day of fun and frolic – forgetting their worries atleast for a day. Besides the very, very tempting rides they enjoy the serene boating and simply roaming around inspite of the sometimes unexpected heat. It is followed by a musical evening conducted by soe generous singer.
  8. Rose Day
    22nd September is celebrated as National Cancer Rose Day which is now in its 5th year. The Day & The Rose have by now picked up some sort of semblance in honour, dedication and recognition of the cancer patient and his fight for survival

Cancer Patients Aid Association would be very grateful if you could sponsor any one or more projects for the increasing number of children who are suffering from this deadly disease.

All donation made to this organisation are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act (50% Tax Exemption)

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